Catford Honey

Catford Honey in 12 oz jar
Catford Honey

There are several beekeepers in the Catford area producing Catford Honey.

Catford, like other city suburbs, is a good environment for bees, as the gardens and streets lined with trees give bees a range of flowers to forage from across the year.

In the UK honey is usually harvested in June and August. Therefore each year’s honey becomes available from the summer onwards.

As there is a high demand for local honey, it usually goes quickly. Our supplies usually run out by Christmas.

Our honey is sold through several local shops:

David Oakman, Butcher. Muirkirk Road. (David Oakman)

The Larder, Ladywell (The Larder)

Good Food, Sandhurst Road, Catford (Good Food, Sandhurst Market)