The Ravensbourne

The Ravensbourne is one of London’s ‘Lost Rivers’. It arises from a Spring in a hillside near Keston then runs through South-East London before joining the Pool and the Quaggy and emptying into┬áthe Thames at Deptford.

Like most similar rivers it is covered over or hidden for much of its course. Historically the South-East London rivers were prone to flooding.

A map of London with the River Ravensbourne highlighted
The course of the Ravensbourne from Keston to Deptford
The Ravensbourne and Keston ponds
The Ravensbourne bubbling up and running in to Keston Ponds

More advanced flood control measures have meant that it is becoming easier to open up these rivers again.

The water quality has improved to the extent that unusual birds such as kingfishers, water rails and wagtails are now seen on the Ravensbourne in Catford.

Catford Ravensbourne
The Ravensbourne entering Catford near the old mill pond known as ‘Peter Pan’s Pool’.